Why a Smaller Psychic Reading Site May Be a Better Choice for You

It’s very easy to find a website that offers psychic readings online. All you need to do is google “online psychic readings” and you’ll be presented with a list of results a mile long. However, finding a website that offers these services is only half the battle. Once you find a site you then need to find a psychic, and that can be trickier than it sounds. Additionally, the larger psychic reading websites are going to have many customers just like you, and that can have some adverse impacts on your visit to the site. If you’re interested in getting a reading done but you’re not sure what kind of site you should sign up with, it’s worth the time to learn about the merits of smaller psychic reading sites over larger ones. Fewer Psychics to Choose From It can be tough to pick a psychic out of a list of many. The reason for this is simple: psychic readings are usually intensely personal. The questions you may be asking will relate to the inner workings of your mind as well as your deepest emotions. Not everyone is going to be comfortable with a random stranger doing a reading based on these factors. This means that when you have to…

Three Signs a Psychic Website Isn’t Worth Your Money

When it comes to online psychics, there are tons to choose from out there. However, having access to that many doesn’t make the decision to choose just one any easier. You’ll also need to consider things like how much the website the psychic is affiliated with will charge for the service you want, as well as any rules or restrictions that might impact the psychic’s ability provide you with what you’re hoping for. If you’re interested in finding an online psychic you’re going to have start by looking through psychic websites to sign up with. Unfortunately, not all of these websites are going to offer up the things you want. By learning which sites aren’t worth your money you can then go on to find the sites that reliable, affordable, and worth returning to time and again. No Psychic Profiles The best psychic websites out there are going to make sure that you can become acquainted with their psychics before you even ask for a service from them. To this end, the websites provide thorough profiles of every psychic affiliated with them for customers just like you to look through. These profiles will offer up an abundance of information, such as what type of psychic methods the individual is comfortable…

Commonly Misinterpreted Tarot

Appearances can be deceiving. What might seem a frightful reading on the table might be a good omen? While the reason you go to a psychic is to consult an expert in these matters, having an understanding of the major arcana is a good idea. It allows you to better understand the why behind your readings. It can also send up a red flag if you realize your reader is stepping far out the bounds of conventional meanings. This doesn’t always mean something’s fishy, but can be a good sign to ask questions. While it’s easy to remember the meanings of some arcana, others are a bit trickier. These arcana are often misinterpreted by society and the media. Having a better understanding of the more abstract arcana will help you catch when others don’t know their stuff. The Lovers While the most common association is that of a romantic partner, the lovers can mean a lot more. The meaning goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden. When Eve chose to take the bite of the forbidden fruit, she proved impulsive. That leap of faith can drive some readings when the Lovers card appears. Like the exile from Eden, it could be a sign that things are going…

Automated Tarot Reading Sites Vs Tarot Card Live Chats

There are many different ways to read tarot online, and with the growth of the Tarot’s popularity there are all kinds of websites that are looking to help you find answers. The two most common ways (that aren’t in general, frauds) are the automated reading website and the live chats, sometimes through instant messaging and sometimes through video chats. Both of these methods are pretty accurate ways to get a good Tarot reading. However, not all of these websites are created equal, and there are definite pros and cons to each method of reading. If you are looking to get an accurate tarot reading online that has the comfort and effect of a tarot reading in real life, you might need to make the decision between these two methods for yourself. Here is a quick rundown of the benefits and detriments of using these tarot reading methods for yourself. Automated Sites Automated tarot sites are the quick solution to getting answers. There are a lot of good things about the quick little websites that fall under the automated readers’ categories. Here is a quick look at the benefits and drawbacks that you will encounter when using one of these sites. Pros First of all, the average automated tarot reading website…


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The Best of the Best for Online Tarot Readings

#1 Site: Kasamba
#2 Site: AskNow
#3 Site: PsychicSource
#4 Site: HollywoodPsychics
#5 Site: CaliforniaPsychics


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