Why You Should Be Specific with Your Tarot Questions

It’s pretty commonly said that you should leave questions asked to the Tarot open ended. Yes, this does allow for room to move around. It also leaves room for you to interpret the situation in ten different ways. While you definitely don’t want to try to trick the psychic with hard-answer questions, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to know about one certain thing. How and why you should be specific with your tarot questions isn’t hard to answer, but be prepared to put in a little work to make sure that you get the best reading that you can. Guidance The Tarot is always described as being a guide throughout the reading process. It leads you in a way that can make sense for the situation. But the problem is that if you ask a question that is too open then you’ll end up with an unsatisfying answer. To get the proper guidance you’ve got to narrow everything down. Start with figuring out what you really want to find out. Pretend that you’ve been given the opportunity to have your very own spirit guide. This being will personally show you exactly what you need to know. What will you ask them? The question should be the same as what you…

Trustworthy Psychics: How to Narrow the Field Based on a Psychic’s Website

When it comes to picking out a psychic on the internet, you have a lot of options. Browsing through dozens of websites and phone numbers can be beyond overwhelming, and after a while all your choices can start to look the same. What’s the difference between this one and that one? While it may be impossible to guarantee that you’ve signed up with a trustworthy psychic, a great way to help you narrow the field is by looking at their website. What your psychic has featured on their website, and what they don’t, can tell you far more than their sales pitch ever could. They Don’t Have One Always be wary of someone who isn’t willing to do everything possible to advertise themselves. Even the best of the best have websites if for no other reason than to allow you to get on a waiting list for their services. If they don’t have a website it could be because they aren’t reputable. Some dishonest psychics will change their name and number often so rumor won’t get around that they’re actually con artist, and that’s both more difficult and more expensive to do if they have a website you can browse. Links To and From Other Sites No matter how well…


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The Best of the Best for Online Tarot Readings

#1 Site: Kasamba
#2 Site: AskNow
#3 Site: PsychicSource
#4 Site: HollywoodPsychics
#5 Site: CaliforniaPsychics


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