Why You Should Hire a Professional to Help You Read Your Birth Chart

While it’s true enough that you can get your birth chart for free online now rather than having to draw the entire thing out yourself, a much more complicated and involved process, there’s still quite a bit going on in them that no computer can completely explain for you. There are a lot of good reasons why it’s worth investing in a professional to do all that work for you, and below we’ll discuss why. It’s Complicated There’s a lot more going on in an astrological chart than any other kind of divination. The angles of the planets, the way each line up with the moon and at what precise times everything was in its place matters a great deal. It’s the closest thing divination has to an exact science. And just as you wouldn’t likely attempt a scientific experiment on your own, even if you did several extensive internet searches to try and bring yourself up to speed, you shouldn’t attempt to calculate your chart on your own either. Being off by one hour, or one degree at any point on your chart could alter several key elements, or the entire chart in general. To get an idea of how one shift can change the entire chart, go to…

The Real McCoy: How to Tell If Your Psychic Is Genuine

If you stumbled across this article, you may have had a recent psychic reading that left you wondering if the experience was genuine. Maybe you have a nagging feeling that what you heard sounded just a little too good to be true, or you’re thinking about getting a reading and decided to do a little research beforehand to avoid any con artists. If you’re looking for some hints as to what gives a fake psychic away and how to tell if your psychic is the real deal, below you’ll find a few tips that may point you in the right direction. They’ll Never Try to Sell You on a Curse It’s the oldest trick in the book, and one we’ve seen countless times in the movies and on television. Your family has an ancient curse placed on them due to the foolishness of one of your ancestors, and that’s why you’re having a string of bad luck. Now you need to light this candle during every full moon and carry around a sachet of herbs to ward off the evil until it can be cleansed – which your psychic helpfully has on sale for the low price of $100. A genuine psychic will never try to sell you products, and…

Information to Avoid Giving Your Psychic for a Fool Proof Reading

You’ve heard the stories that skeptics talk about in regards to psychics and spiritualists. Not every tarot reader you come across will be completely genuine which gives an unnecessarily bad name to those readers who do love the Tarot and want to help people spiritually and with their services. Certain cues you give off, however, can still sway a reader to give you certain answers. Giving psychic extra information can create an atmosphere and pool of knowledge that can give you a false positive reading. The information that you present, either orally or by other means, does a lot more than you think when it comes to your tarot card readings. Your Body Language Can Say A Lot Being nervous or emotional about the reading can give the reader a certain impression of you. For instance, being depressed and openly upset before and during the reading may sway them to include unnecessarily positive things to either make you feel better or to avoid a bad review of their services. Be as cordial but stoic as possible. It’s fine to be personable and cheerful to be polite, but being overemotional in any way can sway a reading in the wrong direction. This doesn’t have to do with just your verbal expressions.…

4 Great Career Questions to Ask Your Psychic

If you’re having difficulties on your career path, or difficulties identifying what your career path should be in the first place, contacting a psychic for a reading can be a great way to delve into areas of your psyche that you aren’t able to reach on your own. It’s on these layers that the answers to our most important questions, those that affect our lives the most, can be found. Though your psychic is there to help guide you on this path of discovery, it’s a good idea to have a few specific questions in mind before your appointment to help them along. But what kinds of questions should you ask? How specific should you get and how open should you leave yourself to the way the universe wants to guide you? Below are a few examples you can either bring into your session with you, or help guide you in crafting your own. What Kind of Career am I Best Suited For? We all took those career tests in school where they told us based on some quickly scribbled answers and scantron bubbles what career we were made for, but things aren’t always as easy as we imagined they would be in grade school. Sometimes the career we thought…


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