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It just can't seem to choose a specialty, and that makes for a muddled, bare-bones experience that leaves no one satisifed. The professionals available usually aren't, and are overpriced to begin with. is a site that’s very hard to use for a number of reasons. First of all, the layout itself is hard to deal with, and it’s not exactly easy to find your way around.

That’s not a good start.

With this particular site, it’s going to be difficult to even find your way around to their basic tarot reading services. This isn’t a way for any newbies to get started online.

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They also offer other services like horoscopes and oracle readings, but that’s something that is also fairly basic on most other reading sites, and much more thorough.

This site suffers from trying to be too basic and bare bones…or perhaps it was just never fleshed out in the first place. Whatever the case, it’s simply not enough for you.

The Numbers Aren’t Nice

During out TarotGoddess review, we were able to thoroughly explore this site and all of the nooks and crannies of it. Unfortunately, we weren’t all that impressed with our findings.

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The Tarot pros are waiting for you on our top tarot reading sites to deliver the real, reliable readings your life needs.

It’s not great.

First of all, during our stay here, we were only able to hand out a score of 2 out of 10 for available psychics online. This is a very low number, and not enough to help you out.

You need a solid selection of psychics with different sights and specialities in order to give you a full reading experience, and unfortunately, this site doesn’t have that. Their selection process is therefore poor, thus leading to a 2 out of 10 rating.

You’ll also find that this site’s pricing is way off the mark, and their basic, by the minute cost is going to end up running you a total of $3.50. This is really quite expensive.

These Features Are Bad

As a part of our search for TarotGoddess services, we quickly found that this site was a lot more bare bones than previously anticipated. It’s simply not enough of a stand out.

There’s not much here.

With this particular site, you’ll find that they don’t seem to have a heavy emphasis on customer service at all. For example–they have a money back guarantee, but they will repeatedly ignore requests for a refund, which is very unprofessional overall.

They also are seriously lacking in solid accuracy ratings. The final rating that we were able to determine for this site was only at 2 out of 10. This shows they have serious problems.

Finding a reliable tarot reading site is something that’s invaluable, and this site definitely has some flaws that they’re going to need to work on before they get there.

The News Doesn’t Work

This site’s about page is nothing but a mess and a half:

Don’t even bother with their poorly designed iPhone apps:

Their store is really just a mess, and it’s not going to help: You Can Do Much Better in Tarot Reading Online

We were not all that impressed by our review, and for good reason. They lack a number of psychics, and they aren’t all that reliable in their accuracy.

You deserve more.

If you’re going to spend time putting your faith and cash into a tarot reading site, then they need to be able to give you a reliable reading that you can actually trust.

This site can’t do that, and with a customer service rating of only 2 out of 10, they don’t really seem to care about backing up their readings and their online psychics.

With how your life is building and unfolding, you need a reading that you can really trust in. This isn’t the site that’s going to be able to give you that, so move on.

It’s not enough.

Instead of spending your time here and wasting it, you should be going for a reliable tarot reading site that has a number of psychics that focus on being professionals.

That site is It’s our number one tarot reading site online, and we know that it can end up giving you the kind of experience that you’ve been hoping for.

Give it a shot, and it’s going to make a huge difference in what you’re able to accomplish online. You deserve a chance to really build and grow with a great reader.

It works.

A professional, reliable environment is something that can really help you build up your faith in the world of tarot reading. We know that our number one site can do just that.

Good luck!


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