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Things start off on the wrong foot right from the get-go, with a cluttered layout that's absolutely littered with ads. If this doesn't scare you off, the reliance on automation and lack of live professionals will.

The problem with is that the site itself looks like a hot mess of ads and links from the very start. This can make it look extremely unprofessional…and it is.

It needs work.

Because this site suffers from a lot of layout issues, it’s no surprise that the site as a general whole is something that suffers from a lack of active psychics and customers.

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This ends up dragging it down, and making the admins focus way less on customer service. If there’s not as much traffic, people simply aren’t going to care as much.

This, combined with a lot of confusing layout features and a lot of issues with the automated tarot system, makes for a site that’s going to end up being sketchy at best.

The Numbers Are Sad

Our Tarot-Live review was a great opportunity to really dig into this site and see what it was made of, and unfortunately, it didn’t end up giving us any really great results.

It’s not good.

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Check out our rankings of the biggest tarot reading sites to see which ones are really worth your energy.

With this particular site, we could only end up giving out a score of 1 out of 10 for available psychics online, which really just proves that it’s a site that’s slowly dying.

You need a lot more selection than that if you’re actually looking for a reliable, accurate reading. This site doesn’t seem to even offer any kind of specialists for you. This is due in part to their poor selection process, which we could only rate at 2 out of 10.

This, combined with a hefty price, makes it not exactly ideal. You’re going to end up paying a grand total of $3.50 per minute with this site, which is definitely too much.

These Features Suck

As you start looking for more Tarot-Live services, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. It looks like a lot at first, but it’s mostly just tiny tidbits here and there.

It’s not a good start.

This site might seem to have a lot of offerings, but most of them seem to be tiny articles that aren’t exactly flush with new and exciting information that you can learn from.

Their accuracy ratings are really suffering, too, and it’s all to do with employing whoever they can find, plus a poor automated system. The rating right now is only 2 out of 10.

When you also see that their customer service rating from us is a 2 out of 10, you can really realize that they aren’t hitting the mark. This is a site that you should avoid.

What News?

Their Twitter is really not going to be of any use to you:

Their overall process is really just not going to work:

Skip out on their Facebook if you want to keep your sanity: A Serious Lack in Tarot Reading, and We Proved It might have a lot of potential, but it’s simply not going to end up being enough for you. They don’t have the numbers that they should with psychics.

You need a lot more.

Selection is a huge part of the game, and when they don’t even have a single specialist on offer for you to chat with, that’s a sign that the site is just not building and growing.

This site also has a number of customer service issues, and it’s almost impossible to get in touch with them. This makes their money back guarantee almost impossible to claim, and it makes this site definitely something very stressful to go back to.

With all of this combined, it’s very difficult to say that you’ll be able to get an accurate, reliable reading here. You deserve much more than the stress that this site will give.

Move on.

Rather than focus on a site like this one for your tarot readings, you need a site that you can actually trust, and psychics that you can really put your faith into online.

Our number one tarot reading site online is, and it can definitely end up giving you the focus that you’ve been looking for in your readings. It’s very accurate.

Accurate, reliable psychics are something that you’ve been looking for all along, and that’s why you should definitely be going for our number one site online. It’s worth it.

Give it a shot.

Going for the best of the best is something that’s only going to end up benefitting you. Don’t miss out on a great site; you’ll definitely see a difference in your readings.


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