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When a tarot reading website relies almost entirely on automated readings to serve customers, it's just not a site that you want to do business with. With live chat sessions this expensive, it's no good for your wallet, either. is a really outdated website, first and foremost. That’s something that’s going to end up making anyone cringe, but it’s worse when you start to poke around it.

It’s automated.

While this site is apparently manned by Dennis Lapierre, a supposed psychic, this is a site that runs on an automated reading system that’s not at all reliable for you.

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It’s literally just a button-click system, and there’s not any discussion or communication between you and an actual psychic. How much stock you can put into that is questionable.

Sites like this one are really not something that newbies should be sinking their teeth into. Mostly, it’s just asking for a lot of disappointment, and not much accuracy.

The Numbers Are Bleh

As a part of our LatinTarot review, we were able to thoroughly investigate this particular site, and take the time to really dig through it and find if there’s anything worthwhile.

There’s not much.

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This site is an automated system, but they do have psychics on staff. At most, however, we were only able to hand out this site a 3 out of 10 rating in available psychics, which is very low.

A site without a ton of options isn’t something that you’re going to want, especially if you’re looking for anything specialized. This site just doesn’t have that for you. They don’t try to find them, thus our only 4 out of 10 rating on selection process.

They also have pretty high pricing. For their per minute chat sessions, you’re going to end up paying $5.00 per minute. This is really ridiculous, and it’s going to hurt your wallet.

These Features Aren’t Great

Hunting through this site for more viable LatinTarot services is mostly going to end up being a huge joke. There’s just not much of anything that you can appreciate here.

It’s a blank slate.

It’s not required for a great tarot site to have a ton of different articles or options, but it would be nice. This site just doesn’t even have any informational material on it at all.

Adding to this, their accuracy rating is also a very low 4 out of 10, which is going to show you that you’re not exactly getting a clear reading with this site every single time.

This site, in general, also has poor customer service, which led to only a 4 out of 10 rating on our end. It’s a disappointing situation that isn’t going to lead to a lot of reliable information.

Skip the News

This site isn’t going to end up giving you any help:

This site will make it clear how unreliable this tarot reader is:

You can’t expect much with this particular information: Not Really a Great Tarot Reading Guidance Service

Trying to make use of is mostly going to end up being a disappointing situation for you. You’re not going to be able to get accurate readings here.

It’s a mixed bag.

This site might have a lead psychic present, but you wouldn’t know it. They mostly just try to make use of an automated system, which is really just a throw away reading.

They aren’t very focused on customer service, either, and without a solid money back guarantee, you’re going to be out of luck if you aren’t happy with the site itself.

Skipping this site is a far more viable choice, because you need to move to a site that’s going to actually try to communicate you before giving you a tarot reading online.

That’s not here.

This site is a waste of your time, and that’s something our review has proven. You need a site that’s going to actually take the time to give you the readings you deserve.

Instead of using this site, check out our number one tarot reading site online, It’s full of great, accurate psychics that really can communicate with you.

You deserve a personalized reading, and you deserve to get the care and attention that any normal human would. You need that connection for real accuracy.

Don’t settle.

A real tarot reading site is going to be able to give you all of these things. Our research has proven that this is the best of the best, and there’s no point in skipping it.


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