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The confused and cluttered layout won't do you any favors in getting to the services you want. There's just not enough support for tarot readings here, and barely enough support available to begin with. is a confusing site at best, and it’s definitely not one that you’re going to want to come back to again and again. For newbies, it might be pretty hard to understand.

There’s not much here.

It’s fairly difficult to even navigate this site, which doesn’t focus on tarot reading all that heavily. Mostly, it’s all about horoscopes, and that’s not exactly encouraging.

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When a site doesn’t even advertise the kind of tarot reading that it wants you to buy openly, that’s a sign that they might not have as much staff as previously assumed.

True to that, this site is fairly barren, not exactly well-serviced, and very confusing for newbies. You’ll end up feeling much better off if you just skip this one from the start.

The Numbers We Don’t Like

As a part of our Glo review, we were able to thoroughly dig through this site and find out what makes it tick. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much here that we enjoyed.

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Don’t waste your time searching. We’ve got the best in tarot reading sites all lined up and ready for you here.

It’s not good enough.

During our stay with this particular site, we were only able to hand out a 3 out of 10 rating for psychics available online, which is simply not enough for most people to find a good choice.

The selection is very limited, which can end up being a bummer to someone that’s looking for a very specific kind of sight with the psychics. It’s simply not good enough. This site’s selection process is simply not pinpoint, thus our 3 out of 10 rating.

The pricing is also off, as their average per minute price for chat sessions is $2.75. This is already on the high side, and you need to be able to save a lot more cash.

These Features Are Disappointing

The Glo services that are offered on this site are unfortunately not anything that you’re going to want to write home about. It’s the opposite, in fact, as this site is very bland.

You need more.

When a site doesn’t even seem to have a thoroughly advertise tarot reading system in place, that’s something that’s going to make you wonder what the point is.

It’s even further questioned when their accuracy rating is only at 4 out of 10, which means that they aren’t exactly employing the best psychics online. They’re just mediocre.

This, combined with a lack of customer care, means that you’re not getting the best experience. They just don’t seem to know all that much about tarot in the first place.

The Links Here

Their community guidelines aren’t going to be much help:

The terms of use here are just a joke and a half for sure:

Contacting this site is a nightmare and a half, so watch out: Not Good Tarot Reading For Sure

We were really not that pleased with, and we can’t imagine that you will be, either. This site is not very exciting, and it doesn’t have a lot of tarot specific features.

It’s just empty.

This is a site that could only end up scoring a 3 out of 10 on our customer rating scale because of its poor service and its lack of care towards customers in general.

That says a lot, especially when coupled with a lack of a money back guarantee. This site doesn’t seem to have a ton of focus on tarot or accurate readings in the slightest.

With that in mind, you’re only going to end up throwing cash away at automated systems and psychics that are poorly trained. This site is just not going to be the one for you.

You can find better.

Instead of wasting your time here, you should really be going for a tarot reading site that can give you solid, accurate readings more often than not, with great service.

That site is, which is our number one tarot reading site online. It definitely speaks of professional psychics and great reliability every single time you’re on it.

You’ll be able to relax with a great reader on this site, and you’ll definitely be able to have readings that help you through your life. That’s what a good reader should do.

Good luck.

Whenever you’re looking for a great tarot reading site, remember that we’ve done the hard work for you. It’s only a matter of time before you end up getting what you want.


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