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This site has made no effort to keep up with the times, and it shows. The layout is clunky and dated, and the site itself makes no attempt to foster a spiritual community - and the readers themselves are questionable, to boot. definitely seems like a facade and nothing else. This is a site that looks extremely dated, and it really looks like it was thrown together by a middle schooler.

That’s not a good start.

When a site of any kind looks like it was put together in the early 2000s and hasn’t been updated since, that’s a red flag that can tell you it’s not all that legit in several ways.

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This is the kind of site that’s going to give you a headache to even look at it. It doesn’t seem to have many features at first glance, and it’s extremely questionable in quality.

As far as our review went, it was definitely a disappointment to keep trying to explore it. They seem to tote their credibility with celebrities…which is a joke at best.

The Numbers Suck

With our Facade review, we were extremely disappointed from the start, but we did take the full extent of our time to explore the site, and try to find something positive.

screen overlay Facade

We tested the top tarot reading sites hands-on to see who reigns supreme on reliability. Read on.

There was nothing.

As a part of our review, we were able to check out how many psychics were really present on this particular site. The number rating we could give was only a 5 out of 10, which isn’t enough.

You need to be able to have a solid number of options in your readings, and this site doesn’t present very many. They don’t seem to have any specialists present here. Their screening process, which was only a 5 out of 10, explains why they don’t have much variety.

They also have a pricing problem, with highly inflated rates. The average rate was at $3.40 per minute during their chat sessions, which is far too high for the quality.

Skip The Features

It’s unfortunate, but most of the Facade services that you can actually find here are very limiting, boring, and not as much features as they are simple articles and basic knowledge.

You need more.

This site does have a number of ‘information stations’, which mostly just include random articles, basic facts, and a whole lot of dated rune reading knowledge that they’re trying to share.

They don’t seem to have a lot of focus on making their customers happy, which leads to a poor accuracy rating of only 6 out of 10. You deserve something much better than that.

Reliable customer service is something of the past as well, which adds for a very uncomfortable feeling to this site. You can’t put a lot of trust in the service you’ll get here.

No Great News

Their terms of use are already pretty scary to look at, so beware:

Contacting this particular site is just going to be troublesome:

This particular site’s content is just a headache in general: A Total Miss When it Comes to Reliable Tarot Reading is a tarot reading site that might have had potential years ago, but recently, it’s become very dated and not something that anyone’s going to want to come back to.

It’s not enough anymore.

This site could only end up receiving a 5 out of 10 customer service rating on our end, which says a lot about the mediocrity of service that you’ll end up receiving here.

The other issue is in their lack of a money back guarantee. They might actually have one on this site, but their terms of service make it difficult to actually shake it out of them.

A lack of reliable psychics plus a lack of options mostly just leads to disappointment with a site like this one you. You deserve much more from your readings.

You need to skip it.

Rather than focus on a site like this one that’s just going to end up disappointing you, you need to move onto a much more reliable tarot reading site that can help you.

That site should be, which is our number one tarot site overall, and a site that can end up giving you a lot of positive energy simply from being there.

For consistent, reliable readings, you need to go to our number one site. You’ll definitely be able to see a change in the quality and accuracy of advice that you can receive.

Don’t miss out.

A great tarot reading can end up changing your life. Give our number one site a shot, and you’ll be able to see that sooner rather than later. It’s definitely going to be worth it.


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