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Support for tarot readings is slim to nil on this site, which is nothing but a glorified newspaper astrology section. The live psychics they have available are few, overpriced, and lacking in knowledge. is a glorified horoscope site in most cases, and that’s not something that it should be proud of. This site is definitely sparse in the way of actual tarot reading.

That’s not good.

If you’re looking for a site that has a number of different features that are actually here to help assist you for accurate readings, it’s not going to be the site that you find here.

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Why? Well, mostly because this site is all about horoscopes, not actual, legitimate tarot reading. They have a very tiny staff around here, and not many are real psychics.

This can be seen clearly when you see that most of their readings are automated, and they aren’t going to carry on a very extensive conversation with you.

The Numbers Just Suck

When we were completing our Astrolis review, we were more than happy to dig through this site thoroughly, and find that it’s simply not up to par as much as you’d think.

It needs more.

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Find your path today on the best of the best tarot reading sites , and get the guidance your life truly needs.

During our time spent here, we were only able to give out a 2 out of 10 rating in available psychics for this site. This is really not enough to give you a solid amount of selection.

The other issue with this site’s minimal selection is that if you’re looking for something specialized, you’re probably not going to be able to find it here in the slightest. The site’s selection process has a lot to do with this, thus our 3 out of 10 rating.

Their pricing is also way off, as their average per minute chat session is going to end up costing you $3.00. This is going to really end up running up your bill quickly.

Lacking Features

The Astrolis services that you’ll find on this site are not only limited, but they aren’t really all that related to tarot reading. This site is a slew of horoscopes and little else.

That’s not a good start.

While this site does have multiple articles on horoscopes, that’s something entirely different from tarot reading. This really does contribute to the lack of professionalism.

You’ll find also that their accuracy rating is only at 3 out of 10, which is something that can seriously impact the validity of the readings that you receive here. You deserve more.

This site’s customer service is also not up to par, and minus a money back guarantee, you’re probably going to find yourself feeling uncomfortable using this site.

The News Misses

This site can’t even come close to giving you what you need:

This is a Twitter that’s not going to be able to help you much:

If you want to contact this site, you’ll be out of a lot of luck: A Real Big Miss in the World of Tarot Reading Online is a tarot reading site that really doesn’t do its job as thoroughly as it should. This site definitely has some issues, and it doesn’t seem to be getting past them.

It needs more.

While it’s all well and good for a tarot site to have additional side articles, it’s not good when it’s all related to horoscopes, and not much else beyond that. You need more than that.

This site really doesn’t have a good focus on customer service, either, and with a rating of only 3 out of 10, you aren’t going to come away from this site with a warm fuzzy feeling.

In general, this site just doesn’t have what it takes to keep providing you with consistent, solid readings. You need a site that can really back you up with accuracy.

Move on from it.

Rather than wasting your time here, you should be going for one of our top sites that can give you the accurate readings that you deserve, as often as you really need them.

Our number one site in online tarot reading is, and it’s definitely an affordable, accurate site that can give you the kind of dedication that you deserve.

Building your future off of those reliable kinds of readings is something that you should be focused on. Give it a shot, and you’ll quickly be able to see the difference.

It’s worth it.

A great, reliable tarot reading site is something that you can’t pass up. If you want to really have excellent counseling with the stars, this is the kind of site that you need.

Don’t miss it.


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