Can Do Its Job in Tarot Reading? We Say Nope already is going to end up making you cringe, and that’s because of the name, obviously. A free reading is rarely going to be a reading you can trust. It’s not good. The first problem that you’re immediately going to be presented with with this particular site is the fact that it takes forever to load. This isn’t advisable for anyone. If a site has basic technical issues, that’s going to be something that ends up weighing down everything else with the site…and that’s a reoccurring issue with this one. Psychics aren’t going to want to stick around, and neither are customers. Trying to make this site into something reliable when it isn’t is going to be a huge mistake. The Numbers Aren’t Enough As a part of our Free-Tarot-Reading review, we were able to really look in depth with this particular tarot site, and find that it’s simply not what it seems to be at all. That’s not good, by the way. It’s automated. Much of this site is automated tarot readings, which means it’s not a real person. In fact, we were only able to give a 5 out of 10 in their available psychics rating on during our review, which is not that much. You need…


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The Best of the Best for Online Tarot Readings

#1 Site: Kasamba
#2 Site: AskNow
#3 Site: PsychicSource
#4 Site: HollywoodPsychics
#5 Site: CaliforniaPsychics


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