Outlook Unclear: Interpreting and Applying Vague Tarot Readings

Sometimes, the cards aren’t going to end up being very direct. You might have to get used to interpretation along the way, and there’s nothing wrong with that–just be prepared.

It can be worth it.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle to learn how to interpret tarot results, but it also can end up being something of a learning process, and that’s perfectly fine to understand.

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Not every single reading that you ever get is going to be clear cut and blunt. In fact, most of them are going to be at least some degree of vague, and that’s something you need to realize.

By knowing that going in, it’s going to be a lot less of a headache on your end. You need to take the time to know what you’re actually getting into, and how it can be easier.

Interpreting Tarot Results Doesn’t Have to be a Difficult Task. Here’s How to Manage It.

When you get some of your first tarot results, you might find that they are pretty vague at first. This is normal and okay, and you have to learn to work with that in general.

By taking the task of balancing tarot results with your own current life happenings, you’ll quickly find that it’s a lot easier to interpret them and have them make sense.

With this in mind, you’ll be able to relax even if you get an obscure result at first. You just need to take the time to grasp this and work through each of your readings.

Look for common threads.

The first thing that you can do when it comes to vague results is to look for common threads among them that you might have initially overlooked, thinking it was nonsense.

Nothing in a tarot reading is ultimately going to be nonsense. You need to understand this, and go forward realizing that all of it will end up having some kind of a meaning.

It might not always be a broad, blunt picture however, and that’s something that you’ll need to remember moving forward. You just have to piece it together slowly.

It can be complicated.’

Complicated Tarot Reading

Complicated issues in your life can really end up giving much more complicated readings than you’re used to. When you’re interpreting vague tarot reading, you’ll find this to be true.

You need to understand this especially if you’ve asked for very basic results in the past, and have gotten those in a way that always tends to make sense with current happenings.

This will always end up being a learning curve, and if you aren’t used to vague readings, then you’ll quickly find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Just take a breath and relax.

It doesn’t have to be settled immediately.

Sometimes, you’ll end up getting a reading and find that it simply isn’t going to end up applying to your life as it is right now. That’s fine, and you can keep it in mind.

Readings aren’t always going to end up being something that happen an hour from the time you receive them, or even a month in the future. It’s all a variation in general.

If you keep this in mind, you’ll be able to relax much more when it comes to even your vaguest of readings, and you’ll understand that they, too, have a lot of meaning.

You can revisit things.

If you’re still wary about the vague reading that you received, you can always bring it up the next time that you talk to your reader, and have them revisit the subject.

By doing this, you can usually end up clarifying exactly what it means, and you’ll be able to get a clearer picture on what you’re actually supposed to take away from your reading.


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