Guidance’s Toll: Can You Truly Put Your Faith in Free Reading Services?

It might seem against the principles of tarot to actually charge for a service, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t ned to make a living. Free readings aren’t always what they seem.

We’ve been there.

Free tarot readings are everywhere online, but you’ll be shocked to know how inaccurate they can be. There are a few reasons for this, and we’ve experienced most of them.

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Dealing with tarot sites doesn’t have to be something that drains your wallet either way, but too many times are people desperate, and only want to go for free readings.

This can not only be detrimental to your sanity, but it can actually end up giving you way too many vague readings that you end up distrusting readers online forever.

Don’t Let That Happen to You–Avoid Free Readings if You Can Help It. Here’s Why

We know, we know–tarot readings shouldn’t end up costing you an arm and a leg, and honestly, you can probably get a free one from your friend that knows little.

Is it going to be accurate, however? The chances of that being true are very slim, and that’s why you’re going to quickly see the value in paying a real professional for the job.

Tarot reading is a job, just like any other, no matter how mystical and spiritual it is. No matter how much it can end up guiding you down the right path of righteousness…it can still cost.

They aren’t reliable.

The thing about free tarot sites is that they usually aren’t even employing people that know anything about the cards that they’re tossing down onto the table. That’s scary.

It’s not a good thing to ever put trust in a site that’s not going to take you or the cards seriously. They need to connect with you, and they probably aren’t even doing that.

Free sites can sometimes not even have real people. Cheap tarot readings even stand a better chance of that–free sites can often just have computers throwing down cards.

They won’t get to know you.

Bored Man

A free reading isn’t going to be personal at all, which is already going to make your results vague and usually incredibly inaccurate. It’s like rolling the dice for a random response.

They don’t have time to really connect with their customers, and why would they? They aren’t getting paid for this service; they’re just doing this randomly, so it’s pointless.

This is why a free reading is ultimately going to end up being one of the worst decisions you could make regarding readings online. You’re just going to throw away time.

They want you to view ads.

There’s one purpose of free tarot sites, and it’s all to get you to view and click on the advertisements that they’ve got posted all over the sites themselves. It’s just sketchy.

These are the kinds of things that are nothing but cons, and it can really end up putting a damper on your mood if you stick around these kinds of sites for too long.

Sure, coincidences happen. Some of these readings might line up with your life, but chances are, that’s just you desperate to believe it, and not really the spiritual world at work.

It’s full of thieves.

With free sites, there’s one more thing to be wary of, and it’s the fact that they’re absolutely full of thieves. They really don’t care about tarot readings or anything about them.

They might try to charge you a fee at the end of the day for a more ‘accurate’ reading, but don’t trust them. They’re just trying to swindle you, and it’s never going to work.


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