Why You Should Hire a Professional to Help You Read Your Birth Chart

While it’s true enough that you can get your birth chart for free online now rather than having to draw the entire thing out yourself, a much more complicated and involved process, there’s still quite a bit going on in them that no computer can completely explain for you. There are a lot of good reasons why it’s worth investing in a professional to do all that work for you, and below we’ll discuss why.

It’s Complicated

"It can be confusing for you to understand"

“It can be confusing for you to understand”

There’s a lot more going on in an astrological chart than any other kind of divination. The angles of the planets, the way each line up with the moon and at what precise times everything was in its place matters a great deal. It’s the closest thing divination has to an exact science. And just as you wouldn’t likely attempt a scientific experiment on your own, even if you did several extensive internet searches to try and bring yourself up to speed, you shouldn’t attempt to calculate your chart on your own either. Being off by one hour, or one degree at any point on your chart could alter several key elements, or the entire chart in general. To get an idea of how one shift can change the entire chart, go to the Astrolabe website and test out a few birth charts. By making extremely small alterations to the chart you can see in real time what some of the major effects are going to be.

You Know It’s Being Interpreted Properly

"They can make you understand it correctly"

“They can make you understand it correctly”

Above it was already discussed that you aren’t likely to perform a scientific experiment without being properly informed, and sometimes even then you may leave the more dangerous tests to those with the knowledge and experience to complete them safely. While there’s not nearly as much at risk when it comes to calculating your birth chart, a similar analogy applies. There are professionals who have drafted birth charts since before the internet was invented. They know them like the back of their own hand, and no nuance is missed when they analyze the stars. It’s well worth it to pay a professional for the expertise alone as they’ll be able to spot things you may have otherwise missed while relying on internet guides an your own quick study.

You’re Supporting Your Community

Last but certainly not least, you’ll be supporting your local metaphysical community. Most psychics and diviners of various sorts don’t make a great deal of money. Some even have second jobs to help supplement the income they make doing metaphysical work. The internet has been great for spreading information that was difficult to find before, but it’s also put people out of work who used to be able to rely on at least one type of income. By paying for a professional to read your birth chart for you, you’re not only saving yourself the headache of doing it on your own and potentially missing important elements and nuances or calculating it incorrectly due to a lack of experience, you’re also supporting your local metaphysical community.


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