Why You Should Have Your Friend’s with You When You Get Your Psychic Reading

Having friends around is something that happens pretty often for most of the big events in our lives. Weddings, birthdays, promotions, etc. are all milestones that are best when shared with those that you care about. For most people, though, doing small daily things like going to a psychic for a reading doesn’t seem to qualify as a group activity. It should be on the top of your list for bringing friends. Even if you might feel silly or think that you’re being self-centered, you should consider having a few close people who know you well around for a few things. Such as:


"Take your friend along with you"

“Take your friend along with you”

It can be a scary thing to get your future told or have a burning question answered. Having those that you love surrounding you can be an excellent way to keep from chickening out. It would be very easy just to ask something about your future love life or how your financial status will be, but if you’re going to be spending good money on this then you’d better get its worth. That means asking the hard stuff. If you’re having doubts, don’t be afraid to let it out. There’s nothing wrong with it.


"You get to hear their perspective"

“You get to hear their perspective”

Unfortunately, there are definitely hacks out there who will promise to read your tarot or tell your fortune who have no psychic abilities to fall back on. They’ll tell you everything that sounds good and possibly fits your situation. Having some friends around you who really know who you are will ensure that you aren’t just falling for their bag of tricks. There have been times when these fake psychics will tell you that there is someone in your life that is “tall, taller than you” who has caught your attention. The thing is, if you’re here asking about love then you’re probably hoping someone is thinking about you. By saying that the person is taller than you–unless you’re unusually tall–is going to guarantee that they will hit a note and get information from you about this dream person. Even if you come back with, “Um, he’s actually shorter than me” you may hear a quick retort about he seems tall because he does so many good deeds. Good deeds make someone heroic, and heroes tend to be tall. You may want to believe this roundabout thinking, but having your crew around you will keep you grounded enough to tell what’s part of a true reading and what’s just being spouted out.


After your reading you will most likely feel a few things. All of that energy that’s gathered can leave you physically and emotionally drained. If you’ve asked particularly tough questions then you may feel emotions ranging from anger to sadness to joy. Having a group around you to absorb some of those feelings will help ease you back into the regular world around you. If you’re especially stunned then it could be an even harder transition. Even if they can’t be with you as the reading ends, they can be there for you after it’s done.


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