Why It’s Okay to Request a Different Tarot Deck Before a Reading

"Ask your psychic to open a new deck of cards"

“Ask your psychic to open a new deck of cards”

Tarot readings are personal experiences. This is because the meanings of each card are something that is going to directly relate to something that has happened, will happen, or is happening with you and your life. This is also why the process of choosing a Tarot deck is a very personal decision for psychics. Because the cards relate so closely to their personal lives, psychics will choose decks with imagery and sizes that appeal to them most so that they feel more connected to the cards. However, being selective about the deck isn’t just something that applies to the psychic doing the reading. As a customer, you have the right to request a different tarot deck. You may think you’d be stepping out of line by asking for this, but the fact is that it’s entirely normal and it’s important for you to recognize why.

The Theme of the Deck Matters

Many tarot decks will follow a theme. For example, there are Arthurian decks with imagery that relates to the legend of King Arthur. There are decks that utilize star constellations. There are decks that use certain figures out of ancient mythology. It’s important for both you as the recipient of a tarot reading AND the psychic giving you the reading that the deck being used is one that both of you feel a connection to. For example, if the psychic is using a deck based on ancient Greek mythology but you find that it doesn’t really speak to you, you should absolutely speak up and request to see another deck. The connection you feel to the cards is important, so this is why it’s okay to make that kind of request. Most psychics skilled in Tarot will have more than one deck anyway, so go ahead and ask if the current deck’s theme leaves you cold.

The Imagery Matters

"You need to understand the imagery"

“You need to understand the imagery”

There are varying degrees of imagery in tarot decks. Many have an emphasis on aesthetic appeal with rich colors and complex images. Others will follow a more minimalistic approach and keep the images down to what’s absolutely necessary. As with the theme of the deck, the imagery of the cards does and should matter to you when you’re getting a reading. You want the cards to speak to you visually, and if you find that they don’t it means you’re not really connecting the way you need to. If you find that you don’t like the imagery in the psychic’s current deck, make sure to request a change before they begin. Most psychics will be willing to accommodate you and will bring out their other decks for you to examine so that you’re fully satisfied.

You’re Paying for the Service

As with any service you pay for, you have the right to be satisfied before you pay. This is another reason why it’s absolutely acceptable for you to request that a psychic use another tarot deck before the reading begins. If you’re worried about sounding like a jerk, just explain that the deck doesn’t really appeal to you and that you want one that you feel more connected to. Most psychics will completely understand.


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