Which Tarot Card Spreads to Request When Asking Specific Questions

One of the most popular reasons to seek out a tarot card reading is because of questioning your path in life or dealing with discontent about a certain situation. Most tarot card spreads can cover a wide range of issues, but which specific spreads are best used when asking about specific issues?

Past, Present and Future

"Tarot card deals with your past, present, and the future"

“Tarot card deals with your past, present, and the future”

Most tarot enthusiasts want to know what their past experiences mean, what they’re doing right and wrong right now, and what the future holds. This spread type usually utilizes nine cards, three per time span, but other forms of the same spread can use only three cards. This spread is useful when dealing with general questions about the meaning of certain events in a person’s life.

Spheres of Life

This spread deals with a more in depth look at someone’s life but still maintains a general sense, allowing for a wide interpretation. Using seven cards, a reader will lay down one to represent each area of life: love, work, finances, family, health, travel, and home. Each card symbolizes either a good or bad reflection on the current situation and can give insight to certain decisions a person might face. This is another useful spread for gauging the temperature of someone’s place in life.

The Celtic Cross

A popular spread among tarot card readers, the Celtic Cross spread is a lot more complicated than just lining up cards in rows. When you see a reader create a card formation with a cross like card layout in the middle with four other cards on the side, you know they’re using the Celtic Cross spread. Each of the 11 cards in this spread represent a specific fact or determination about a question asked by the person being read, such as how they really feel about the question being asked. For specific questions about life’s predicaments, this is the spread for you.


"Consequence spread - Describes the person in trouble"

“Consequence spread – Describes the person in trouble”

The Consequences spread contains seven cards in a circular pattern with one in the middle. The card in the center of the circle is the first card flipped over or laid down, and directly relates to the person in problem. The other cards surrounding the inner card explain the situation, influences, and the outcome. This spread is best used when a specific problem is in question and the answers to solving it are unclear.

Personal Spreads and What Your Psychic Suggests

Some tarot card experts who enjoy having their fortunes and destiny’s read are fond of their own method of spreading the cards. Those familiar with the cards and the energies they possess are welcome to create spreads they feel are more in tune with their own spiritual energies. If you’re a tarot card newbie, avoid creating your own spread due to inexperience. Instead, ask the reader about what spreads they prefer instead of making any specific requests right off the bat.


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