Traveling Psychics: When To Partake

When getting a tarot reading, the environment is important. It sets the tone for your interactions with the reader, and helps you open up to the cards. While a good reader can perform anywhere, many like experience of a reading in a psychic’s environment. Be it a shop or a site, working with a professional in their space opens you up to an experience unique to the reader. Some readers, though, choose to take their show on the road. If you’re at an event such as a renaissance fair or a party, you may find that there is a traveling psychic. Getting a reading from someone new can offer a unique perspective. Some setups, though, are just a waste of time and money. If you’re on the fence about if you should give them a try or not, a couple of checks will make sure you have a good reading.

Professional Setup

"Make sure you keep your place neat and clean"

“Make sure you keep your place neat and clean”

Even when on the move, it’s important to maintain a professional appearance. For a tarot reader, this means a neat, inviting area. They should have a sign with their name and services. Something made by a professional is best, as it shows they have put work into it. There should be comfortable seating for you and the psychic. The table for the cards is stable and well-lit. After all, you don’t want an errant knee upsetting things. As a whole, the area should look like the psychic put time and thought into it’s appearance. It doesn’t have to look ultra rich, just cared for. This means that they’ve taken time to maintain their profession, and want you both to have the best experience. The setup of the environment is the first sign you’re in good hands, and not at the mercy of an amateur with a deck.

Quiet Environment

"Invite your psychic to a noise-free place"

“Invite your psychic to a noise-free place”

If someone’s hired a psychic for an event, chances are it’s crowed. Crowds mean noise. A busy environment will distract you and the psychic from the reading. When looking at the setup, consider the volume around them. Are they in the middle of everything, or tucked away in the corner? Are there walls blocking them off, or can anyone watch the proceedings? In the event of an open reading, you should take into account your audience. Other people might be paying attention to your questions, and the answers given. If you’re looking to discuss heavy matters, wait until you have some privacy. In an ideal situation, the psychic’s environment will give you both the illusion of privacy.

Unusual Services

Sometimes, a traveling reader can offer a unique opportunity. Each reader has their own vision of the cards, and can find different insights in them and you. Besides seeing different results, a psychic from a different land can offer new readings. There are many spreads which readers can use, for different relationships or situations. Your favorite psychic can’t know them all. If the booth offers a reading you’ve never heard of before, consider giving it a chance. It could be just the thing you need.


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