The Real McCoy: How to Tell If Your Psychic Is Genuine

If you stumbled across this article, you may have had a recent psychic reading that left you wondering if the experience was genuine. Maybe you have a nagging feeling that what you heard sounded just a little too good to be true, or you’re thinking about getting a reading and decided to do a little research beforehand to avoid any con artists. If you’re looking for some hints as to what gives a fake psychic away and how to tell if your psychic is the real deal, below you’ll find a few tips that may point you in the right direction.

They’ll Never Try to Sell You on a Curse

"A genuine psychic will never tell you that you are surrounded by a dark spell"

“A genuine psychic will never tell you that you are surrounded by a dark spell”

It’s the oldest trick in the book, and one we’ve seen countless times in the movies and on television. Your family has an ancient curse placed on them due to the foolishness of one of your ancestors, and that’s why you’re having a string of bad luck. Now you need to light this candle during every full moon and carry around a sachet of herbs to ward off the evil until it can be cleansed – which your psychic helpfully has on sale for the low price of $100. A genuine psychic will never try to sell you products, and they’ll never tell you that you have a curse or a dark spell cast on you. Psychic readings are about giving you the power over your future, and blaming everything on a curse takes the ability to change all of that out of your hands. Not to mention it’s a pretty scummy thing to do.

You Should Be Able to Find Testimonials and Reviews

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A real psychic isn’t afraid of their reputation. They know they have satisfied customers and a reliable history that they don’t need to hide from. A quick Google search or asking around at your local New Age shop should bring you rave reviews, or at least some pleasant smiles and nods. The internet is a great resource when it comes to doing a little detective work; almost everyone has a Yelp page these days. If you can’t find any information on them anywhere, or worse if you find out that they have a questionable history, they may be worth passing by in favor of someone whose online testimonials give you a slightly better impression.

They’ll Ask You Questions

It may sound contradictory, but psychics aren’t mind readers. If you’ve just walked in the room and the two of you have never met but your psychic already knows the name of your dog and your dead grandmother, buyer beware. A genuine psychic will want to learn a little bit about you and should ask you questions like if you’ve ever had a reading done before and what it is you’d like to ask the cards about. Getting to know you is a crucial step in making the connection necessary to get a good reading, and any reader who doesn’t seem to need one isn’t likely to be genuine.


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