Taking Your Tarot Reading Results into Your Everyday Life

Getting a Tarot reading done can be one of the best things that you encounter. The feeling of having a thought or question in your mind and then asking a psychic for help is amazing. Things fall together through the cards that you wouldn’t expect and you can actually get some pretty great real life advice. At the time you remember every bit of it and think of how much it makes sense to carry out what you’ve learned, but oftentimes people forget. Luckily there are little reminders that you can use to help yourself take your Tarot reading results into your everyday life.

Write It Down

"Relate your written session experience with your real life"

“Relate your written session experience with your real life”

Unless you go to a psychic online through a website then you’re probably not going to get the official results in writing. As soon as you get the chance you need to write down what cards were drawn. If that’s not a possibility then at least write down what the general meanings were. This does a few things. First of all, you retain all of that wonderful information that you received. Secondly, you also keep some of that amazement that you experienced. By seeing how your answers relate to your life you’re going to remember that these must be true things. That somehow makes it easier to remember to do them in real life.

Think It Over

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It’s easy enough to think something like, “That’s right, I do keep my walls up. I should let them down. Thanks, Tarot.” But when it comes to it, what does that really mean? If you’re not sure then you’re not going to know how to do it. After you’ve written everything down take the time to create a list of ways you can carry out what you’ve learned. For instance, if you’re trying to lower those self-defensive walls, then why not start by having a conversation with someone you normally wouldn’t? A man or woman may approach you with an obvious interest in you, but if you’ve kept your walls up to this type before then you’re shutting them out. Let the Tarot guide you and take this chance to remove some of that wall. Come up with a few aspects of communication like this so that you can actively work on that part of yourself.

Saying It Out Loud

Sometimes mantras can be the best way to remember something. Continuing on with our example from before: “I will lower my defenses. I deserve to let people in”. Mantras like this are positive reminders to ourselves of what we want. You still put your happiness in the key spot, but you’re also allowing whatever needs to happen to happen to you. All because you say it out loud. It’s been proven that this has a very positive effect on people. Plus saying it loud will also help you remember everything even better. If it’s too much to create a custom mantra, you could also simply read the cards that were drawn by you daily to keep their energy alive.


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