Superstition: Does Buying a Tarot Deck for Yourself Really Impact Your Readings?

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the Tarot, even though the cards are becoming more evident in mainstream culture than they ever have before. Most people assume they’re simply for telling fortunes, but the fact of the matter is that the Tarot has multiple uses. While there are many myths regarding tarot cards, there’s also an abundance of superstitions, as well. One such superstition is that buying a deck for yourself will lead to bad luck and can adversely affect your readings. If you’re hung up on that particular superstition but you would like to acquire a deck for yourself, it only makes sense to do a little research on the issue.

Consider the Gift

"A skill to read tarot cards is a gift, so don't hesitate to use it"

“A skill to read tarot cards is a gift, so don’t hesitate to use it”

Not everyone is going to be able to use a tarot deck and get it to work for them. The fact is, the ability to read the cards is a gift that not everyone is going to have. And if that ability is innate to you, what possible consequence could buying your own deck have? Many tried and true psychics out there have spoken out against the superstition of not buying your own deck. They admit to having purchased their own decks and have still been able to do proper readings, so this is something you should consider when you’re on the fence about buying a deck for yourself.

It’s Deeply Personal

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Anyone who’s spent a long time reading the cards is going to tell you that a tarot deck is an intensely personal tool. This is why there are so many different decks out there, ranging from the classic to novelty. This is also why some people put stock in the superstition that you shouldn’t ever buy your own deck. By receiving a deck from someone you care about, the deck becomes even more important to you because it was a gift. Some people believe that this added personal value can not only enhance your personal connection to the cards, but can augment the readings you get out of it. If you find that you frequently attach sentiment to belongings you received as gifts from loved ones, it may work best for you if you receive a tarot deck as a gift instead of buying it for yourself.

Novelty vs. Belief

A lot of people want to own tarot cards because of the novelty they offer rather than the belief that they actually work for the purpose of divining future events or interpret thoughts or moods. If that’s the case with you, it probably won’t matter whether or not you buy a deck for yourself. On the other hand, if you do truly believe in the power of the Tarot, you may want to request a deck as a gift from someone close to you.

Try It

As with any superstition, there’s really no way you can tell if this one is actually true or not aside from buying yourself a deck and seeing what happens. If you find that the deck you purchased for yourself doesn’t seem to have any real meaning to you or that you have no connection to it, you can request a deck as a gift from someone instead.


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