Other Services Your Psychic Could Offer

People generally tend to think of psychics and crystal balls all tied up in a lot of velvet and dark rooms. It’s a very general idea, and not all that accurate. While some psychics can divine futures with crystal, rarely is it the crystal ball you see in films and you’ll most likely never see a picture inside of it. But you can go to them for a variety of other reasons. If you’re not sure what your psychic can offer you, don’t be afraid to shop around so that you can try out new things like:


The first thing that a psychic practices are readings. These are the most popular form of “fortune telling” to some, so they flock in to have their tarot cards read and their problems solved. As most know, there’s a bit more to that, but either way readings are the most basic way to help a client figure out the bigger picture to what’s going on. The cards help this out, but if a psychic is strong enough they can still get a pretty decent reading. The topics of conversation tend to include love, health, relationships, jobs, and life paths.

Energy Work

"Psychics can block the negative energy around you"

“Psychics can block the negative energy around you”

If you aren’t already aware, every person on this planet has energy around them. This field of energy can get tampered with easily by being exposed to negative energies or feelings for too long. Psychics who are qualified can work as an energy worker. They clean out and repair your energy force field. This lets the good energy flow through and actually reaches your body instead of having it stops on the husk that is your outside.

Aside from fixing up that outer energy a healer can simply draw positive energy to you. This gives you some extra healing strength to your body if it’s having physical ailments or illnesses. They lay you down in a room that typically has incense or candles burning to help with this process.


"Psychics can help you connect with the dead people"

“Psychics can help you connect with the dead people”

Channeling is what some people may think of as a s?ance or the like. Really it’s what happens when a psychic can communicate with the “Other side”. There definitely is a place out there like this, but it’s not going to be found in some movie with killer ghosts. Oftentimes a medium will open their physical body and allow a spirit to communicate through them. The preferred method is the trance, where the host is in a trance and simply speaks for that soul. If they were to do a conscious reading it may be uncomfortable with so much going on. Most common issues that call for channeling are when family members feel that there is unfinished business with a loved one who passed on. This could be questions that were left or even problems with wills. While some will not take this as serious evidence, there is a psychic near you that can at least refer you to someone who provides this service. It’s a big one, and you should enquire if you think that would be something you’re into.


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