Online Tarot Reading Methods to Avoid

In the world of online psychic readings, not all methods are created equal. In order to get an accurate reading from a real psychic, there might be a lot of research and toil required if you want to really find the genuine article. This is especially true with tarot readings. A lot of the time people with rudimentary knowledge of the Tarot and minimal connection to the energies required to provide an accurate reading decide to make websites that claim to provide good readings. If you want to be absolutely sure that you have an accurate reading through an online source, research is absolutely necessary, but there are a few methods that you can be almost positive are going to be scams or simply not effective in terms of giving you an accurate reading.

Multi Choice Quiz

"Such reading won't be accurate"

“Such reading won’t be accurate”

Any website that claims to be able to get a reading through simply answering a few questions is either sadly misinformed about the Tarot or is trying to scam you. The problem with these websites is that they are awfully common, and it can be a very difficult task to find a real psychic under all the multiple choice drivel. The kind of surface level questions that are going to be presented to you in these tests are not going to be what you need to access the energies that will give you a proper reading. Intention is so essential in getting information from the Tarot and there is no real way to adequately give a reading to someone when there is no access to you energy or you articulation of what you desire and what you want to know from the cards. If you are going to an online source for the Tarot, avoid the ones that rely solely on multiple choice questions or other superficial tactics to get basic information about yourself, especially if they are asking for money. The reading won’t be accurate and you will wind up feeling gypped.

IMing Tarot

"A video chat or a phone call can be more effective than IMing"

“A video chat or a phone call can be more effective than IMing”

Instant Messages, while providing an extra element to the tarot reading, are still a little difficult to really get an accurate reading. The trouble with communication without visual and vocal contact is that it is sometimes difficult to employ the use of tone and intention through something as simple and two dimensional as text message or another form of textual communication. If you want to get an intimate question answered, a video chat or even a phone call will be a more effective way to convey your desire.

Self Readings

Don’t try to do tarot readings for yourself online. Often, reading Tarot for yourself can be colored by what you want to hear, not what you are truly meant to hear. If you must take a reading for yourself, use a deck of your own. Using virtual tarot or even certain automatic services simply aren’t going to cut it if you need a reading from an outside perspective. Make sure that you find a reading style that works for you make sure that you stick with it, and get your accurate tarot readings as you need them.


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