Moving On: Why it’s Okay to Switch Psychics and How to Do It

Breaking up is hard to do, as the song goes, and it’s no easier when the relationship is as close and personal as the one you have with your psychic. Psychics hear the best and the worst of our lives, parts of them we don’t share with anyone else. It can be hard to cut the cord, but if you found this article you probably know it’s time. Knowing that it’s time and feeling comfortable actually doing it are two different things, however, so below you’ll find a few reasons why changing your psychic could absolutely be a great thing for you as well as tips on how to do the deed.

Your Schedule Has Changed

"Inform your tarot reader that you have some important errands during the session time"

“Inform your tarot reader that you have some important errands during the session time”

Sometimes the need to cut things off can be as simple as a difficulty in scheduling appointments. Maybe you switched jobs, or your psychic changed offices, or they took on more clients and has less availability now. Perhaps your class schedule shifted or your children evening activities changed. Whatever the case, you should make sure you have a psychic whose calendar meshes with yours without either of you having to do backflips to make it work.

You Need to Continue on Your Journey

When you first started out, you probably sought a psychic for a specific reason. Perhaps you were having difficulties with your career path, your love life was in shambles, or you just plain felt lost. Whatever the reason, there comes a time where one person can’t help us along anymore. It may be time for your psychic to pass the metaphysical torch to your next guide, your next teacher, so you can continue your journey wherever it might take you.

You’re Just Not Feeling It Anymore

We’ve all experienced it in relationships. For some reason, even though neither of you has done anything wrong, you just aren’t feeling it anymore. Working with your psychic now is boring or a chore, and they don’t seem to provide you with anything riveting or new to work with. You’re tired, you’re frustrated, and you’re ready to try something different. Do what you would do with a boyfriend or girlfriend: make a clean break and find someone who can give you exactly what you need instead of letting it drag on.

Be Honest

"Tell him that you want a try a new tarot reader"

“Tell him that you want a try a new tarot reader”

When it comes time to break the news to your psychic, just be honest. You’re both adults, and there’s no reason why this has to be a difficult conversation. Give them your reason if they ask, but if they’re professionals they probably won’t. They’ll simply wish you luck in the future and let you know that you’re welcome to come back if you feel that they can be helpful again. They may even offer to help you find a new psychic to help you along, which is advice well worth taking if you have a good level of trust with them. It could save you a lot of time and effort, and it may end up being exactly where you need to go after all.


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