Keys to Forming the Best Questions to Ask Your Psychic

For many people the way that they got into the world of tarot reading was by having a personal question that they needed answers to. This question might have been so personal that it would have been embarrassing to ask someone else. Or it may have just been too much to share it with anyone they knew. So taking this question to a stranger who could seemingly provide answers miraculously was a perfect solution. Finding a psychic this way is totally fine, but the driving question that you need to ask really should be well thought out so that you really do get the best possibly outcome. If you’ve been thinking about something that you need to take to a psychic, grab your pen and paper because you’re going to have to take notes on the key ways to forming the best questions to ask your psychic.


"Just ask the questions regarding you not others"

“Just ask the questions regarding you not others”

When you’re thinking of what to ask, keep in mind that there are some boundaries that you should respect. The Tarot is a guide to things in your life, not in others’. By asking questions about a person or, “Will Person ever love me?” you’re delving into other people’s business. Which is rude, but it also isn’t helpful at all. The psychic is getting a reading on you, all that they’ll have is your perspective on this other person. It’s best to stick with what you know, which is your own life.

In addition to basic privacy, asking anything health related is also a general no-no. There’s no substitute for going to a doctor if you’re ill. Asking about something more than a cold or pregnancy is also pretty morbid. Death dates, cancer screenings, and the like are already wheels set into motion. Like we mentioned before, the Tarot is meant to be a guide. Things that require concrete answers like that are too difficult to discern.


"Try to get the most satisfactory answer"

“Try to get the most satisfactory answer”

Answers always seem very complete to people because that’s how we’re taught to view them. You ask a question, the psychic answers. Wrong. Having an open mind will mean that you have an open question. This provides space for the Tarot to explore and gives you a more satisfying “answer” to your question. Even though this will simply be a guideline to the situation, it leads you into the right direction. Never think that what your psychic interprets through the Tarot doesn’t have some sort of importance since it doesn’t seem like a stereotypical answer.


Phrasing can mean a lot when you’re asking your question. “Will I…?” questions typically don’t always have the punch that you’d like because you need to take action for yourself. The guide that the Tarot gives you doesn’t tell you steadfastly what to do. Only you can do that. Try using phrases like, “How can I improve the way I see…”, “What do I need to know about…”, and “What role will I play in…”. You’ll get the most out of these questions, even though they may feel like an odd way to ask anything.


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