Is It Better to Pick out Tarot Questions Before Hand?

For both green and seasoned fans of Tarot, it can be hard to choose just one aspect of life to ask the cards about. Before rushing into a tarot card reading, pick out the questions you wish to ask, how to ask them, and how many you really want to have divinated.

Thinking About Your Reading Prior to Committing

"Think about the questions to be asked during the session"

“Think about the questions to be asked during the session”

Never go into a tarot card reading without thinking about the encounter beforehand. Most tarot card readings require payment or an allotted amount of time for the reading. No one wants to waste their time and money on something they aren’t prepared for. Newbies to the world of tarot card reading should pay close attention to the site they’ve chosen for their tarot card reading, whether it’s automated or a more chat based system. Think about the questions to be asked or the energy that needs to be concentrated on the screen. These can help even seasoned tarot card pros relax and focus on the reading, increasing accuracy.

Knowing How to Ask the Right Way

"Prepare a list of questions that you want to ask a tarot reader"

“Prepare a list of questions that you want to ask a tarot reader”

Some questions are better worded one way over another. For instance, vague questions can make for vague readings. If the situation or area of life you want to explore is multifaceted, a vague question can make for wasted time and energy. Questions should be specific while still allowing for interpretive wiggle room. Asking yes or no questions should be avoided due to the situational way in which tarot cards are read. Looking up sample questions to ask a medium can spark creativity and give insight on the right kinds of questions to ask. Prepare a list before the reading if at all possible.

Using Your Time Wisely

A session with a medium or psychic who reads tarot cards can be thirty minutes or an hour on average. This sometimes doesn’t include waiting time, deck selection, and card shuffling. To get the most bang for your buck, try to include as many questions into the session as possible. Decide on which questions and areas you want to explore more than others and make sure those get top billing over others. The more questions you can work into a reading, the more effectively you’re using your allotted time. Before you know it, time will be up and you’ll have to pay more to get any extra burning inquiries off your chest.

How Many Questions is Too Many Questions?

That said, it is possible to give someone psychic overload. If you’re dealing with a reader who is the legitimate article, they may not be able to focus all of their energy on someone who is hyperactive with their question asking. Get a feel for the reader before you launch into an assault of questions just to get them all in. At the end of the day, quality definitely beats quantity when it comes to tarot readings. It’s better to have three questions asked or topics addressed in an hour time span than 15 questions asked in the same time allotment. Ask the reader how many questions or areas they usually explore during a reading and haggle from there.


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