Information to Avoid Giving Your Psychic for a Fool Proof Reading

"Stay calm and neutral"

“Stay calm and neutral”

You’ve heard the stories that skeptics talk about in regards to psychics and spiritualists. Not every tarot reader you come across will be completely genuine which gives an unnecessarily bad name to those readers who do love the Tarot and want to help people spiritually and with their services. Certain cues you give off, however, can still sway a reader to give you certain answers. Giving psychic extra information can create an atmosphere and pool of knowledge that can give you a false positive reading. The information that you present, either orally or by other means, does a lot more than you think when it comes to your tarot card readings.

Your Body Language Can Say A Lot

Being nervous or emotional about the reading can give the reader a certain impression of you. For instance, being depressed and openly upset before and during the reading may sway them to include unnecessarily positive things to either make you feel better or to avoid a bad review of their services. Be as cordial but stoic as possible. It’s fine to be personable and cheerful to be polite, but being overemotional in any way can sway a reading in the wrong direction.

This doesn’t have to do with just your verbal expressions. Your body language can also give you away. It doesn’t take a trained professional to read the way your body is talking. A nervous twitch or a leg jiggle can speak volumes. Perky steps can be coupled with other signs and accessories to give a psychic a clue about your happiness.

Don’t Answer Unnecessary Questions

"Ignore purposeless questions "

“Ignore purposeless questions “

A psychic or medium that you use for tarot readings may ask a few questions that are routine. These include asking about your name, age, and a basic rundown about questions you want the tarot cards to answer. These questions should be specific while still being vague. Confused? A good example of a specific but vague question is “How will I do in college this semester?” You aren’t being so specific that you give away extra details and it’s not so vague that you’re not giving them anything to work with. If a tarot card reader asks for any other information, try to dance around these extemporaneous questions.

Don’t Forget Your Accessories

Your clothing and accessories can say a lot about you and can give a reader an extra insight into your life. The goal is to get a reading strictly based on what the cards say. A good reader will tell you only what the cards reveal to them and will leave the interpretations to you. A psychic that may not be experienced will sometimes pick up on your accessories and certain aspects of your clothing to get extra information to include
in the reading. For example, seeing a wedding ring on your hand can lead them to throw in some specific readings about being married. In order to have the most accurate reading, wear very plain clothes and avoid wearing any telling accessories that can give away little tips about your personal life.


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