How to React to a Tarot Reading You Think May Not Be Genuine

"Just wait for the session to complete"

“Just wait for the session to complete”

There are plenty of psychics and spiritual mediums out there who are the genuine article. It’s quite easy to locate a tarot card reader that is able to accurately give you a reading that can be meaningful and helpful to your life and situation. It is possible, however, that you locate a reader that happens to be either an amateur or perhaps even fraudulent. Don’t be discouraged by this possibility: you’re likely to find a reader who is great at understanding tarot cards. In the off chance that your luck isn’t the best on that particular day, however, it is entirely possible that a reader isn’t at the top of their game for whatever reason.

This prospect can be very frustrating, especially if you’re spending money on a reading. It’s important to react in a way that conveys your emotions about being duped or spending time on a tarot professional that isn’t up to snuff, but it’s equally as important to react maturely about the situation.

Keep Calm While it’s Happening

Sometimes you’ll get the feeling that a reader isn’t doing the best job possible while in the middle of the reading they’re giving you. Don’t panic or become obviously disturbed. It’s always important to stay as unreadable as possible during a tarot reading anyway, but be extra careful about your demeanor when you realize that the reading is possibly doing a poor job. Save your comments and major reactions for when the reading is over. There’s no use in getting into an argument while you’re having your fortune told or destiny discussed. You can only make things worse.

Consider the Possibilities

After you’ve come from the reading, whether it’s in a shop or on a site, think about what just happened with a critical eye and ear. What visual cues led you to believe the medium or reader might be having a rough time? What did they say to you that made you believe they may not be a legitimate reader? Pinpoint the specific reasons you got a bad vibe. Can these instances be explained in another way? Everyone has an off day. Not all readings will be completely accurate. If you feel like the certain instances you saw have no other explanations, it’s possible that the person who read for you wasn’t as genuine as you thought they were.

Review the Reader Online

"Put your experience on the review site and let viewers read it"

“Put your experience on the review site and let viewers read it”

Don’t report the reader to their site if you happened to use them online. Do the diplomatic thing and review them online. Locate a site that specializes in tarot reviews or a similar topic and let them have it in a mature and thought out review. Even if you’re sure the reader wasn’t genuine, there’s always a chance that your impression was wrong or you just used the reader on an off day. This allows other tarot card enthusiasts to make their own judgments based on reviews and can choose the reader if they feel like it’s worth a try. Online reviews can be your best way of voicing your opinion while still remaining civil.


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