Combining Your Zodiac Sign with Tarot Card Results

The arts of the Tarot and astrology are parallel arts, but are seldom crossed over with each other. However, there are ways that you can use your readings in tandem with your astrological sign in order to find deeper meaning and thought into your reading. This can especially help with a reading that you receive online, which might be harder to discuss and think through than if you have a reading with a psychic in real life, when there is time and potential for a chat. Here are ways that your and other astrological signs will effect the way the tarot slants for you.


As a bold, fiery person, your boldness effects all that you do. The sign of Ares is also strongly connected with the card of the Emperor which is connected with loyalty and authority. Keep in mind your connection with this card when it appears in your reading, and try to interpret how your boldness and loyalty will effect your path.


"The Hierophant is connected with this zodiac sign"

“The Hierophant is connected with this zodiac sign”

The sign of Taurus is calm and sometimes stubborn. The things that you ask are often straightforward and easy to answer, which is great for your tarot’s spread. The card connected to your sign is the Hierophant which will help you on your searches for higher truth in the path which it appears.


The Gemini’s dual and airy nature there is a sort of whimsy that might appear in your reading that reflects the nature of your sign. The dual card of the Lovers is, of course, the Gemini’s card, and will lead you towards the path that best agrees with your morals.


"The card associated with Cancer is The Chariot"

“The card associated with Cancer is The Chariot”

A proud and firm sign, Cancers often know what they are doing and where they want to go. The card associated with Cancer is the Chariot, and will lead you to a path of security and safety, while still being free.


A leo’s prowess in all areas is reflected by the strength card. This card appearing in your spread signifies an obstacle and will help you overcome it.


Virgos are active and on the move, and are often quite social. However, their card is the Hermit, which is an encouragement to look within for answers.


Of course, the Libra’s card is Justice, promoting balance in the life, and also encouraging the Libra to use logic in their dealings for a favorable outcome.


"Follow death if you want changes in your life"

“Follow death if you want changes in your life”

Death is the Scorpio’s card, a sign of change. If you are looking to change something in your life, follow death to the best outcome.


Your sign’s hardworking nature is reflected in the card Temperance. Keep on trekking when you see this card in your spread.


The devil encourages the Capricorn to challenge their own negativity and their sense of self. If they can overcome their darker side, they will find their happiest space.


The dreamer, the Aquarius, is guided by the Star. Follow your path with optimism when this card appears and achieve success.


Your emotions shift like the tide, and the Moon card reflects that. When the moon appears in your spread, follow your heart to successes.


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