Can an Online Tarot Reading Be Just as Effective as the Real Deal?

"Online tarot reading just needs an availability of internet at home"

“Online tarot reading just needs an availability of internet at home”

The internet has brought with it a lot of conveniences that we never would have even dreamed of ten or twenty years ago. From Vines to Facebook, it’s completely changed the way we go about our day to day lives. Interestingly, this growth has extended to divination and psychic services. Now nearly as common as psychic hotlines, many companies and individuals will offer to perform online tarot card readings for you. But are they worth it? Below you’ll find a brief summary of the pros of both online tarot readings and face to face sessions to help you decide which method is most effective for you.

Pros of Online Tarot

Online tarot readings are much more convenient than going to see someone in person. You can do them from the luxury of your own home and on your own time, whenever you can fit them into your day. Often times we have other day time obligations that can be difficult to schedule around, such as work, school, or children’s activities. With online appointments, none of these are a concern as you can simply email in a request and get a reply, or log into a virtual chat room. You’re also more likely to be relaxed and at ease in your own home as opposed to a strange office, making it easier for you to open up and get the results you want. Online tarot readings are also a great option for those who need to seek the wisdom of the tarot but are unable to leave the home due to mobility issues.

Pros of Tarot in Person

"Tarot readers can properly focus on you and your questions in person"

“Tarot readers can properly focus on you and your questions in person”

You don’t have the same connection online as you do in person. Much like you can’t tell the chemistry of your date online until you meet up in person, there’s a lot your tarot reader won’t be able to read from you over the internet. There’s something in the air when you meet your tarot reader in person, when they can truly focus on you and your questions and give you a proper answer that’s missing when done over a long distance. It’s the difference between reading a set of lyrics and then hearing them sung aloud for the first time. The entire scenario is much less personal and can seem much more rigid than a proper reading done face to face.


Ultimately the decision you make as to whether you should sign up for an online tarot reading or schedule an in person session with a local psychic is entirely up to you. No one knows your situation better than yourself, and it’s important to go with your gut when it comes to the metaphysical. Practically though, if you’re in a situation where mobility issues or time constraints are a serious hamper on your ability to get your reading done, an online tarot reading may well be worth it. But if you’re interested in a much more personal and accurate reading and you have the ability to see a reader in person, a face to face visit is well worth the effort.


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