Big Name Psychics: Should You Trust Them?

The metaphysical world has grown quite a bit since wide use of the internet has come about. It’s grown so much that where you used to see anonymous psychic hotlines branded by company names or descriptions of their services only you now see people like John Edward hosting their own television shows. It’s tempting to sign up to be a part of an audience or to seek out these big names in the psychic industry, but do their undoubtedly higher prices live up to the big brand they’ve turned their names into? Below you’ll find some information that may help you make a decision as to whether or not you can trust the big brands of the metaphysical world.

They Have More to Lose

"Reputable psychic will not defraud their clients"

“Reputable psychic will not defraud their clients”

The thing about being a big name in the business is that they have much more to lose than the average Psychic Joe. They worked hard to climb that tower, to make a big name for themselves, and that means they have much farther to fall if they were to do something that risked their reputation. It’s not in their best interest to try to defraud their clients as they want their clients thinking well of them. It’s much harder to make a new name for yourself or overcome a scandal when your name is one of the biggest in the industry. Think of Mistress Cleo and her late night commercials in the 1990’s, and how after a scandal you never heard from her again.

They Have a Solidly Tested Reputation

"They are the recognizable faces so they will be genuine to you"

“They are the recognizable faces so they will be genuine to you”

As is the case with most companies, the longer they’ve been around, the better your odds are that they aren’t just a scam. Psychics don’t stay in business very long if they’re outed as scam artists, after all. The typical way a fake psychic will function is to create a persona, do business under that persona, and when rumor starts to get around that they’re disreputable they drop the persona and create a new one. This is almost impossible when you’re a recognizable face in the industry, and so you can see how it is well within the best interest of a famous psychic to be as genuine as possible with their client base. Their client base is how they make their living, after all, making their reputation all the easier to trust.

They’re Easy to Research

Some psychics are so small, so local, that even the most rigorous internet sleuth would have a hard time tracking down hard data about how reputable they are. You don’t have that problem with the big names in the business. In addition to reviews by people who have had readings with them, you also stand a good chance of finding investigative articles and opinion pieces about the way this particular psychic works. The value in all of these different kinds of feedback is that it gives you a nice, broad picture of the way they operate so you can decide for yourself if you’re up for the experience that they provide.


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