Automated Tarot Reading Sites Vs Tarot Card Live Chats

There are many different ways to read tarot online, and with the growth of the Tarot’s popularity there are all kinds of websites that are looking to help you find answers. The two most common ways (that aren’t in general, frauds) are the automated reading website and the live chats, sometimes through instant messaging and sometimes through video chats. Both of these methods are pretty accurate ways to get a good Tarot reading. However, not all of these websites are created equal, and there are definite pros and cons to each method of reading. If you are looking to get an accurate tarot reading online that has the comfort and effect of a tarot reading in real life, you might need to make the decision between these two methods for yourself. Here is a quick rundown of the benefits and detriments of using these tarot reading methods for yourself.

Automated Sites

Automated tarot sites are the quick solution to getting answers. There are a lot of good things about the quick little websites that fall under the automated readers’ categories. Here is a quick look at the benefits and drawbacks that you will encounter when using one of these sites.


"An automated tarot reading is fast and accessible"

“An automated tarot reading is fast and accessible”

First of all, the average automated tarot reading website is free. If you can find an authentic automated reader that is for free, then you basically have all that you need. Yet another advantage to these websites is how fast and accessible they are. Depending on the complexity of the reading, these auto-readers might only need a few minutes or even seconds to help you access the cards.


"The results you get from an automated tarot reading can be wrong"

“The results you get from an automated tarot reading can be wrong”

One of the problems with these auto readers is that they are totally technological. They lack a conduit or an interpreter and thus might be a little bit less accurate than getting are real person to read your cards. That lack of a human element also can be a little uncomfortable to deal with, and it is very difficult to delve deeper into a reading if you don’t have someone with which to talk through. If your question is more complex, or if you need to have a deeper counsel on your reading, then getting a live person to read for you will be much more effective.

Live Chats

Live chats are just what they sound like. You communicate with a seer or psychic over instant message or video chat like and they will read your cards for you based on your intention. Like the previously mentioned sites, there are pros and cons to this method.


When you have a live reader, it is much easier to ask complicated questions and to get opinion and discussion over the results. If you need to have someone to talk to or require a certain type of reading, a live reader will be much better for you.


The problem with these live websites is that they are on a schedule. You aren’t going to be able to get a live chat with a psychic at any time of day. These readings also take considerably longer than an automated website, and connections have the potential to be lost. In the end, it is up to you to decide which type of reading suits you best.


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