Astrology vs Tarot: Which Should You Consult for Your Particular Problem?

When it comes to the metaphysical and divination, astrology and tarot cards are the two most universally well-known. You can read your horoscope in the paper in the morning, and tarot card symbols are used in everything from books to movies. It’s natural to gravitate towards one or the other of these two cornerstones, but it can be difficult to determine which is right for your particular situation. Below you’ll find some brief definitions of what tarot and astrology really are, as well as some highlights as to the benefits of each. Hopefully by the time you’ve finished reading them you’ll have better insight as to which tool is best for your particular situation.

What is Tarot?

"A deck of 78 cards that are further divided into major and minor arcana"

“A deck of 78 cards that are further divided into major and minor arcana”

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, all divided into two categories called the major and minor arcana. Each member of the minor arcana is further divided into suits and then numbers within those suits, much like a modern day deck of playing cards. Though each card has its own general meaning, they don’t truly shine until they’re laid down with the other cards in their spread. The individual cards are like sentences, and it’s only when placed together in the proper order that the whole story can be read properly. Tarot is generally used for providing general insight into a particular situation or problem due to its ability to target specific scenarios.

What is Astrology?

"Astrologers read your stars and planets"

“Astrologers read your stars and planets”

Astrology offers you a special, cosmic perspective of the events going on in our lives by way of measuring how the stars and planets align. Your horoscope, for example, is determined by what the night sky looked like when you were born. It can help give an orderliness to your life and through that order help chart out solutions for whatever problems may arise as the nature of Astrology is based in understanding the moving forces behind events.

What are the Benefits of a Tarot Reading?

For all the cards there are to learn and all the different decks out there to choose from, Tarot is the easier of the two to interpret and by far the more flexible. That matters a lot with some questions as our lives are fluid and any little thing we do can have a huge impact on the outcome of our questions. Having cards that change and adapt based on the questions asked and the other cards revealed can give you a much better picture of your issue, which would naturally lend to an easier path towards solving it.

What are the Benefits of an Astrological Consultation?

When it comes to specifics, astrology can’t be beat. While there are numerous charts to measure and planetary movements to map, if you’re looking to determine a long trend over time, guidance in relation to timing, or to measure something on a bigger picture scale, astrology is the way to go. Astrology is also great for learning more about the specifics of your character and personality, which can be useful depending on what it is you’re asking.


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