Why You Should Hire a Professional to Help You Read Your Birth Chart

While it’s true enough that you can get your birth chart for free online now rather than having to draw the entire thing out yourself, a much more complicated and involved process, there’s still quite a bit going on in them that no computer can completely explain for you. There are a lot of good reasons why it’s worth investing in a professional to do all that work for you, and below we’ll discuss why. It’s Complicated There’s a lot more going on in an astrological chart than any other kind of divination. The angles of the planets, the way each line up with the moon and at what precise times everything was in its place matters a great deal. It’s the closest thing divination has to an exact science. And just as you wouldn’t likely attempt a scientific experiment on your own, even if you did several extensive internet searches to try and bring yourself up to speed, you shouldn’t attempt to calculate your chart on your own either. Being off by one hour, or one degree at any point on your chart could alter several key elements, or the entire chart in general. To get an idea of how one shift can change the entire chart, go to…

Why You Should Have Your Friend’s with You When You Get Your Psychic Reading

Having friends around is something that happens pretty often for most of the big events in our lives. Weddings, birthdays, promotions, etc. are all milestones that are best when shared with those that you care about. For most people, though, doing small daily things like going to a psychic for a reading doesn’t seem to qualify as a group activity. It should be on the top of your list for bringing friends. Even if you might feel silly or think that you’re being self-centered, you should consider having a few close people who know you well around for a few things. Such as: Assurance It can be a scary thing to get your future told or have a burning question answered. Having those that you love surrounding you can be an excellent way to keep from chickening out. It would be very easy just to ask something about your future love life or how your financial status will be, but if you’re going to be spending good money on this then you’d better get its worth. That means asking the hard stuff. If you’re having doubts, don’t be afraid to let it out. There’s nothing wrong with it. Perspective Unfortunately, there are definitely hacks out there who will promise to…

Why You Should Be Specific with Your Tarot Questions

It’s pretty commonly said that you should leave questions asked to the Tarot open ended. Yes, this does allow for room to move around. It also leaves room for you to interpret the situation in ten different ways. While you definitely don’t want to try to trick the psychic with hard-answer questions, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to know about one certain thing. How and why you should be specific with your tarot questions isn’t hard to answer, but be prepared to put in a little work to make sure that you get the best reading that you can. Guidance The Tarot is always described as being a guide throughout the reading process. It leads you in a way that can make sense for the situation. But the problem is that if you ask a question that is too open then you’ll end up with an unsatisfying answer. To get the proper guidance you’ve got to narrow everything down. Start with figuring out what you really want to find out. Pretend that you’ve been given the opportunity to have your very own spirit guide. This being will personally show you exactly what you need to know. What will you ask them? The question should be the same as what you…

Why It’s Okay to Shop Around to Find a Psychic

To anyone unfamiliar with the process, getting a psychic reading done seems like a simple process. You just find a psychic online; pay them for the service, and away you go. However, to someone that’s more familiar with the world of psychic readings, proceeding in such an impersonal manner can have a negative impact on the experience itself and the result of the readings. If you’re a believer in all things mystical, it’s going to be important to you to find a psychic that you can feel a connection to somehow. You might think that it would be tough to find a psychic like that online, but the truth is it’s absolutely possible. Not only that, it’s something you should do if psychic readings are important to you. Readings Are Very Personal Any kind of psychic reading is going to be personal for you. Just how personal a reading is depends on the kind of questions you’re asking and your reasons for asking them. Think about other aspects of your life: do you just go with whatever when it comes to things that affect you personally, or do you take the time to think them through and make a choice that appeals to you? The answer is probably yes, and…

Why It’s Okay to Request a Different Tarot Deck Before a Reading

Tarot readings are personal experiences. This is because the meanings of each card are something that is going to directly relate to something that has happened, will happen, or is happening with you and your life. This is also why the process of choosing a Tarot deck is a very personal decision for psychics. Because the cards relate so closely to their personal lives, psychics will choose decks with imagery and sizes that appeal to them most so that they feel more connected to the cards. However, being selective about the deck isn’t just something that applies to the psychic doing the reading. As a customer, you have the right to request a different tarot deck. You may think you’d be stepping out of line by asking for this, but the fact is that it’s entirely normal and it’s important for you to recognize why. The Theme of the Deck Matters Many tarot decks will follow a theme. For example, there are Arthurian decks with imagery that relates to the legend of King Arthur. There are decks that utilize star constellations. There are decks that use certain figures out of ancient mythology. It’s important for both you as the recipient of a tarot reading AND the psychic giving you the…

Why It’s Important to Check Out Psychic Reading Site Reviews

There are a lot of psychic reading websites out there, and that’s great news for anyone who’s interested in getting a fast psychic reading of some type done. However, just because the sites exist don’t mean that all of them are going to be worth spending your time and money on. As with any kind of service or product you’d buy online, you want to make sure that the website you’re registering with is legitimate and reliable. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell if a site is safe just by looking at the homepage. If you’re not sure if you should sign up on a specific psychic site, you should do your homework by checking out any reviews you can come across regarding that site in question. You’ll Learn Whether It’s Affordable People love to leave reviews when they get good deals on something. People also love to leave reviews if they get a bad deal. Both of these factors are the main reason why you should check out the site reviews for psychic websites. You’ll be paying for psychic readings on these sites, and by checking out the reviews beforehand, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not the site in question is going to provide the…

Why a Smaller Psychic Reading Site May Be a Better Choice for You

It’s very easy to find a website that offers psychic readings online. All you need to do is google “online psychic readings” and you’ll be presented with a list of results a mile long. However, finding a website that offers these services is only half the battle. Once you find a site you then need to find a psychic, and that can be trickier than it sounds. Additionally, the larger psychic reading websites are going to have many customers just like you, and that can have some adverse impacts on your visit to the site. If you’re interested in getting a reading done but you’re not sure what kind of site you should sign up with, it’s worth the time to learn about the merits of smaller psychic reading sites over larger ones. Fewer Psychics to Choose From It can be tough to pick a psychic out of a list of many. The reason for this is simple: psychic readings are usually intensely personal. The questions you may be asking will relate to the inner workings of your mind as well as your deepest emotions. Not everyone is going to be comfortable with a random stranger doing a reading based on these factors. This means that when you have to…

Why a Live Tarot Reading May Work Better for You

If you’re looking to get a psychic reading done online, you’re in luck. There are myriad psychic reading websites out there just waiting for your business. These websites offer up affordable and convenient readings, which is probably just what you’re looking for. Once you sign up on one of these sites, you’re going to see that the different psychics are going to offer different kinds of readings. These can range from email readings to phone readings. However, one of the more expensive types of readings is also one of the most popular. This is the live video reading. If you’re on the fence about whether to spend the money for a live reading, you should really consider all the reasons why it may prove beneficial. There’s a Face to Face Connection Many people think that all there is to a tarot reading is a person flipping over cards and reciting the meanings of those cards. However, anyone who’s had a reading done and has been seriously emotionally invested in it knows that a tarot reading is far more than just that. It’s important that both the reader of the cards and the person having the reading done are able to feel comfortable with each other. It also helps if they…

Which Tarot Card Spreads to Request When Asking Specific Questions

One of the most popular reasons to seek out a tarot card reading is because of questioning your path in life or dealing with discontent about a certain situation. Most tarot card spreads can cover a wide range of issues, but which specific spreads are best used when asking about specific issues? Past, Present and Future Most tarot enthusiasts want to know what their past experiences mean, what they’re doing right and wrong right now, and what the future holds. This spread type usually utilizes nine cards, three per time span, but other forms of the same spread can use only three cards. This spread is useful when dealing with general questions about the meaning of certain events in a person’s life. Spheres of Life This spread deals with a more in depth look at someone’s life but still maintains a general sense, allowing for a wide interpretation. Using seven cards, a reader will lay down one to represent each area of life: love, work, finances, family, health, travel, and home. Each card symbolizes either a good or bad reflection on the current situation and can give insight to certain decisions a person might face. This is another useful spread for gauging the temperature of someone’s place in life. The…

What to Expect From Your First Tarot Reading

Walking into the tarot reader’s door for the first time can be an intimidating experience. You’re not sure what to expect. There may be a beaded curtain and some candles lit for soft light, incense burning in the background as you sit in a cozy chair, surrounded by statues and crystals. Or it could be the back room of a shop with a reclining office chair and a woman dressed plainly with an open, friendly smile, encouraging you on back to what could easily be any therapists office. Whatever the setting, you should be able to expect the same things from any ethical tarot reader. Here you’ll find a brief explanation of some of those realistic expectations, along with a list of things you shouldn’t be expecting as well. What You Can and Should Expect Movies often depict surly tarot readers who test their subjects before they deem them worthy of their visions, when you’re seeing a professional you should be able to tell immediately that this preconceived notion is entirely fictional. The person doing your reading should display an honest and sincere desire to help you with whatever problem you bring to their door, no matter how trivial you may think it is. Whether you’re looking for information about…


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